DownFall - The Lost City (Description Thread)

The thread that describe all info of the game
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DownFall - The Lost City (Description Thread)

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This Thread needs to explain how is maded and the scope of our Game.

Description Of The Game

DownFall - The Lost City
The game is a battle royale where player will fight each others to escape from the city.
The city was abandoned after a lethal virus.
After years virus cure has not yet been found and 100 players will be sent to the city,
They will have to survive because only one of them will escape from the city.
Can you survive the monsters and the survival instinct of man?
The purpose of the game is to leave the city, players need to find the extraction area, but there is only one place into the helicopter.

Game Modes
The game has 3 modality to play:
  • Solo player = i have to fight with other 99 players and mobs.
  • Team = you have another friend with you(matchmaking or friend list) and you fight with other teams and mobs.
  • Squad = you have another 3 friends with you(matchmaking or friend list) and you fight with other squads and mobs.
Now we're working on the PC release, but in the future we will release ps4/xbox one release.
We're studing about a crossplatform server.

Our Videos
here you can find some videos about our game. This videos are only a tech demo.






if you want to help us you can donate something at software dev, the money needs to buy software licenses.
here the link to donate ... &locale.x=

Thanks to all, and of you like response on this topic :D

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